Today OEM software training and support tends to be superficial and all to often trainees return after a week of CMM
training without the ability to program or operate the Coordinate Measuring Machine or inspect parts. Frustrating for
both your company and the employee.

CMM Xperts’ Applications Engineers are fully experienced metrologists that understand the steps required to learn complex
CMM Software Packages. We offer CMM metrology training at a pace determined by the trainees not the class schedule.  We
can customize a class to match your specific needs and part inspection requirements ensuring CMM learning curve matches
your production demands.

Our CMM training is provided mostly on-site, on your own equipment, programming and measuring your own parts. We do not
believe in “demo blocks” and “canned training courses”.

We stand behind our services and our customers can count on us. We view our relationships with our clients as just that
– a relationship.


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